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batch image resizing

The latest version of Imagisizer Pro has a number of new features which have been developed to further enhance the already powerful software.

In addition to speeding up the image processing power, which was already the fastest available, there is now an additional range of effects and filters you can add, within the package.
So as well as just resizing multiple files and folders simultaneously and outputting at numerous different sizes and formats and file types all within one procedure, you can select from a range of added functions to apply to your photographs and images.

more than resizing images

While Imagisizer Pro is lightning fast at resizing it can do a whole lot more at the same time.

Adjusments for saturation, sharpness, blur and overall file quality are all available as well as filters including, mono (black and white), sepia and invert.


batch image resizing ... more
multiple files/folders ... more
file type conversion ... more
file size compression ... more
image filters and effects ... more
watermarking ... more
facebook upload... more

batch image uploaderupload to the cloud

Your batch processed images can be saved to the original folder locations, a new local folder or direct to either cloud storage like GoogleDrive, DropBox and even straight to your FaceBook profile.

You can choose to upload to your facebook account in a new album or add images to an existing album in one hit.

By linking your facebook profile the software can retrieve a list of your current photo albums and upload to whichever you specifiy, or indeed create a new album for your latest batch of photograph images.

Facebook Album Upload